How Rosetta Stone improved CSAT & saved 3170 hours of work

The wait times were atrocious. They were missing sales opportunities and revenue was lost... until they implemented TomBot.


The Problem

Rosetta Stone is a global languange learning company thats operated for over 25+ years and has hundreds of thousands of customers world-wide.

In 2019, they were troubled because they found that their agents were not getting to the customers have enough and some would eventually abandon the purchase online due to this.

They were looking for a solution to solve this problem without adding more agents to the call center team.

They knew that there was someway for a chatbot to solve this problem so they reached out to us for a smart solution.

Enter TomBot.


The Solution

We designed for them a simple routing bot that would greet the user and ask them Sales or Customer service.

This allowed the users that were asking customer service questions to quickly get transitioned over to their Customer Service portal to get help.

This reduced the amount of queries that the sales team was getting by 22%. This translated to over 3000 inquiries per month that instantly removed from the wait queue.

The agents were able to be more focused on sales requests, and they had more than enough agents to handle the loads resulting in virtually ZERO wait time.

Anyone who has managed call centers and support centers knows that about 70 percent of call center calls are recurring issues. With the help of the smart TomBot, I significantly reduced the number of leads and provide 24-hour service. Inventory checking, order status, signing of documents and general information all in a simple and convenient way for customers.
Ariel Sahar Ariel Sahar Chief Digital Officer of Consist Systems