Intuitive Platform

With TomBot AI, we help you shape and build your own destiny.

We provide you the tools, and serve you every step of the way to put you on your path to success


We provide a rich and deep view into the bots experience and behavior. Using our data tools you can export reports and generate snapshots to build a connection with your bot and the process.

Customer Journey Map

The journey mapper is a neat tool that you can use to get deeper context into the buyer journey. How does your customer buy? Fear no more.


Our playbooks are tried and true coded books of patterns that you can use to train your bot for success.

Product Recommender

Provide a recommender which helps shopppers find the perfect product for their purchase.

Store Locator

Ability to connect your online customers to your storefronts. Quick and easy.


This feature is the technical edge in TomBot. We have a automatic learning system that scans your conversations and constantly finds patterns and learns new knowledge to be saved for future use. Once it learns the new patterns, it will update you via e-mail that it has picked up on something new. This refreshing feature, constantly keeps you in the loop and it's exciting to watch the progress.


At TomBot AI, we know the importance of language. That’s why TomBot ships with our Language Translation system. The bot automatically translates the phrases from your primary language to multiple secondary languages. This ability can upgrade your service to up to 104 different languages.