Plug & Play Intuitive platform

With TomBot AI, you build your bot your way.

We give you the blocks, but you create your own masterpiece with our drag and drop Flow Builder.

Power Dash

Our Power Dash is super customizable. Each element and statistic of the bot can be toggled on and off so your team sees everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t, giving you a visual snapshot of your bot’s success rate and sales acceleration in real time.

Customer Journey Map

The Customer Journey Map shows you how each customer journey’s through your site so that you can make informed decisions on a better experience.


Our playbooks are pre-determined combinations of flows, FAQs, and entities to help you jumpstart your bot.

Product Recommender

Make smart recommendations using customer history with a few key data points to offer your customers a personalized shopping experience.

Store Locator

Bring your clients right to your doorstep with our Nav System Integration - link up with Google or Bing maps to give detailed directions to the nearest location.

Phrase Magnet

TomBot AI’s Phrase Magnet is on the cutting edge of conversational technology. The Magnet gleans phrases used by your customers and the answers given by live agents to train itself on you and your business, thereby shortening the time you spend training your bot and expanding the bot’s knowledge, all in one little powerful tool.


At TomBot AI, we know the importance of language. That’s why every TomBot comes with our Dual Decoder: a bot which converses in primary and secondary languages. The bot automatically translates the phrases in your prime bot to build your second, but offers the option to adjust the language after creation. The Power Decoder upgrades your service from just two languages to all 24 languages that we offer, and will detect the language the customer is using, responding in kind.