Easy-to-use Platform

With Tombot, you can be sure that you are using the right tools.

Our platform makes it effortless to manage your bot and to align with your KPIs


We provide a very detailed real-time picture into your bots experience and results. You can also use our reporting tools which can generate snapshots to understand the bot's day-to-day work.


Our Entity management system allows you to build tables of data that can be imported into the bot like a in-memory database. This gives you the ability to do advanced searches across an array of data and make decisions to be presented in real-time to the user.


Our playbooks are a great way for you to get up-and-running quickly and effortlessly. Build the bots understanding and implement business logic that will serve your customers on the highest-level.

Knowledge Base

The best self-service system always has a Knowledge base as it's core. Using Tombot KB and Knowledge Search you can easily upload articles and make them easily accesible via bot and to the other self-learning capabilities.


Using our Q&A management tool you can add questions, answers and more! This allows you to train the bot on multiple occasions and become even more conversational.

Conversational AI

Using our Conversational AI language models, your virtual agent can have a true understanding and context of the conversation.

Natural Language Understanding

Using our Natural Language Understanding technology, or NLU for short you can now understand your customers with scalable automated reasoning capability. With this you can respond and understand your customers in a better way.


Last but not least, our self-learning feature. Your bot and knowledge base will continue to expand and become smarter and smarter. As the usage increases, self-learning will reduce training times and allows you to focus on what's important, serving your customers and reaching your Customer Experience goals.


Voice! Our newest of all features. Using our voice-enabled experience, you can engage the bot in a whole new way through speech AND text. Your customers ask the bot to assist verbally or through text message, and instantly the bot will instantly talk and help in the best way it already knows how to.


Finally, at Tombot, we appreciate language and it's ability to communicate business value to the world. That’s why Tombot ships with a native Language Translation system. The bot can switch back and forth between languages. This ability can upgrade your service to up to 28 different languages with a single click.