Meeting Booking Service

Book meetings for your SaaS and generate revenue

Target your ICP and build relationships that matter

Prompt Assist

Utilizing context based prompts we generate the best possible comments and engagements

Relevance Targeting

Using social algorithms we are able to locate your future customers based on location, industry and more

Automatic List Building

Building lists is challenging. Using our list building feature you can free time and start talking to your market

Win more accounts

With our tool you can create more opportunities and generate revenue for your buisiness


Our Agents will find your target audience on X and create ever-green opportunities

Find Relevant Threads

Tombot X will accept or deny threads based on relevance, and curate the most popular threads to engage.

Start Conversations

Tombot X will generate a highly relevant, and dynamic offer which can be presented to your prospects

Drive KPI

Use Tombot X to create opportunities and meetings with your market

Core Values

At Tombot X, we believe that a socially-enabled world, is a better world for all. More fruitful business connections and collaborations equals more revenues and value in the marketplace.